Just for YOU!

Welcome! I'm so glad you decided to visit. Don't forget to click "Join" at the top of the Home page, so you connect with me via Facebook as well. I have put my heart and soul into making sure that this site was presented to you with all accuracy and excellence. I took my time in preparing the best that I could. I have learned in my restoration journey that nothing should be rushed, but all things decent and in order. Taking this leap of faith was not an easy one. I struggled within myself. Can I do this? I felt so inadequate. Is my story enough? Will anyone care to listen? I can't help anyone.. All this fear and doubt flooding me like a hurricane. But I used that as motivation. I want you to join me in taking these steps to full restoration, and freedom. No matter the set back, no matter the hills or valleys, YOU CAN RECOVER!

Be Restored.

I love you.