Patience my dear..

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Good day my lovely beautifully restored sisters, and mommies. I pray your day has been filled with purpose and fortitude to keep going. I’ve been on vacation this week. I’m actually in route to North Carolina to visit my Grandmother. Jaden (my son) was battling a bad cold the last few days. We even missed church this past Sunday. This by far I think has been his worst cold. He’s feeling much better (thank God!) and so am I. These past few days have taught me a whole new level of patience. Through tears, tissues, meds and a running nose, I felt like I was going to bust. It’s difficult watching your child get through sickness and it takes a toll on you as a mother. I found myself frustrated and irritated, no fault of his, but just bad timing. But in my frustration I began to reflect on the love of Jesus. It parallels itself to life so often. So many times God took care of me when I was sick. Sick mentally and emotionally. But here’s the thing, I didn’t want to get well. I just wanted God to patch me up and send me on my way. A few days of feeling good, then I was right back in my messy place. No real intent of getting well. God will never force himself on us, so he allowed me to get just what I wanted from him. Man, he loves us!! I wonder did he ever get frustrated with me. Constantly coming before him with my tears, tissues and a runny nose, pleading and bleeding but not wanted to be fully changed. Coming and going, going and coming and he was still there until I was ready. He had to process me, then clean me up. Taking all of this in while I thought on his goodness towards me allowed me to be more patient with my son. His irritability, crying and fatigue was simple because he was ill, and until the body wanted to connect with the mind and be well again, I had to be patient just as God has been with me over and over. My dears please pursue patience in all that you do. Those hard places, the frustrating valleys, the questions that don’t have answers yet, your desires all require patience. I’m learning to rest deeper in God everyday. He gives me the tenacity to KEEP GOING for myself and my son. If you lack, pray and believe with faith that he hears you. Let patience have it‘s perfect work in you!

Here is a link to a few beautiful scriptures on patience.